Hydrus Fine Art Watercolors, Set 1

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Hydrus features brilliant, lightfast and pigmented liquid watercolors with the same vibrancy and permanency of traditional watercolor found in tubes. Hydrus offers great versatility with calligraphy dip pens, fountain pens, airbrush and traditional brushes. Archival, non-toxic and AP approved. Made in USA by Dr. Ph. Martin's since 1934.

Set 1 contains 12 colors in 1.0 oz (30 ml) glass bottles with droppers and a custom mixing palette. Colors include: 1H Hansa Yellow Light, 2H Gamboge, 3H Brilliant Cad red, 4H Deep Red Rose, 5H Quinacridone Magenta, 6H Phthalo Green, 7H Phthalo Blue, 8H Ultramarine, 9H Cobalt Violet, 10H Venetian Brown, 11H Carbon Black, 12H Titanium White