Higgins Drawing Inks

Higgins Drawing Inks

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These inks are a superior drawing ink for use with art and drafting instruments, like technical or calligraphy dip pens, and brushes. Perfect for use on paper and board, they perform like liquid watercolors with beautiful color concentration and movement. Higgins inks can be thinned with water for transparent washes and are excellent with mixing.

All inks are dye-based and available in 11 non-waterproof and 3 waterproof colors (as noted below). Dry-time ranges from fast (8-11 minutes) to slow (20-28 minutes). 1 ounce non-breakable bottles with dropper tops.

Matte finish: brown, green, indigo, leaf green, red violet, violet, turquoise, white

Semi-gloss finish: blue, brick red, neutral tint gray, red, russet, yellow

Learn more from this this pdf: Higgins Ink Specification Chart