Golden OPEN Acrylic Paint Set

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Golden OPEN Introductory Modern Set

OPEN Acrylics are a slow-drying paint with a slightly softer consistency than heavy body paints. The increased working time of these colors expands their range to include more traditional techniques once only possible with oils. Thick applications can dry extremely slowly, so it is recommended to only use OPEN Colors thinly (< 1 mm). Drying time can also be accelerated by mixing OPEN with faster-drying acrylics like Fluid and Heavy Body colors.

The slow-drying capability of OPEN Acrylics also makes it suitable for some printmaking techniques.

Because OPEN Acrylics dry slowly, painters who cover their palettes or use sealed containers have been able to use the same colors for weeks, reducing the amount of paint wasted and preserving color mixtures for future use.