Golden Iridescent Fluid Acrylics, 4 oz

Golden Iridescent Fluid Acrylics, 4 oz

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Iridescent Fluid Acrylics offer uniquely intense and striking colors all with a creamy and easily workable consistency. Like Golden’s other acrylics, they hold high levels of lightfast pigments that are suspended in acrylic polymer with no fillers or extenders.

Iridescent colors are highly metallic and radiate an iridescent glow. They stand on their own and can also be mixed with non-iridescent colors for unique metallic variations. When creating these paints, Golden effectively reproduced the shiny and reflective qualities found in certain metals and minerals. “Coarse" Iridescent colors are simply larger particle size versions of the “Fine" metallic colors.

10 iridescent colors available in 4 oz. bottles. Standard and Interference Fluid Acrylics also available in 4 oz. bottles. 

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm