Galeria Acrylic Colors 200ml

Galeria Acrylic Colors 200ml

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Galeria Acrylic Color is a high quality, free flowing acrylic that delivers vibrant professional results at an affordable price. The colors in the Galeria range offer a wide spectrum of pigments producing brilliant colors with strong brush stroke retention, clean mix-ability and high permanence. The paints have a smooth consistency that makes them easy for all artists to use.

Considered a “student grade" acrylic by many, Galeria’s high levels of pigment actually delivers professional results with significantly better covering power than many similarly priced brands. With great handling characteristics, these acrylics can be applied thinly and thickly and are exceptionally easy to clean up.

Galeria colors can be used straight from the container or thinned and thickened as desired with a medium or water. The use of acrylic mediums allows both oil and watercolor techniques to be achieved. After a fast drying time, these vibrant paints dry to an even satin finish.

22 colors available in 200 ml tubes. Additional colors available in 60 ml tubes and 250 ml bottles.