Galeria Acrylic Brush Packs

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Galeria Acrylic Brush Packs
3 Brush Pack

Winsor and Newton Galeria Brushes have been specifically designed for use with acrylic color. Acrylic color tends to place heavy demands on any brush, which is why Winsor and Newton created Galeria brushes to be strong and resilient, while still offering flexibility.

The brushes' unique mix of synthetic fibers provides excellent control for thicker application of color, while also maintaining great shape retention. These brushes are stiff enough to push thick color, applying the color like a spade for specific effects. Long handled brushes contain stiffer fibers, allowing thicker application on rougher surfaces.

The Galeria 3-Brush pack contains 3 brushes (each with long handles): two Round brushes (#6 and #8) and a Filbert #12.

The Galeria 5-Brush pack contains 5 brushes (each with long handles): Round #8, Filbert #8, Bright #8, Flat #8, and Fan #5