What's New: Esterbrook Fountain Pens

What's New: Esterbrook Fountain Pens

10th Oct 2019

Esterbrook is a vintage brand reimagined. A popular American pen brand in the 1930's, Esterbrook is rebranding with new vintage inspired pen collections.

The Estie fountain pen has a hand turned acrylic resin body comes in a vintage palette of colors. The cap has a unique cushion closure that seals so that the ink doesn't dry out. It comes with both a standard international cartridge and converter. The steel nib is created by Boch, a German company. It is not a flexible nib, but Esterbrook does make nib converters, so that you can use actual vintage nibs with these pens! The Phaeton 300 is a sleek modern pen with a hooded nib. It comes in 1960s inspired acrylic colors produced for Esterbrook. These pens are refillable with bottle ink only.

Esterbrook has also come out with some beautiful pen cases. They are made from high quality vegan leather and feature a striking paisley interior. This is the perfect case to house your pen collection!

Available in our FLAX Oakland store.