What's New: Albrecht Dürer watercolor markers

What's New: Albrecht Dürer watercolor markers

5th Sep 2019

The new Albrecht Dürer artists’ watercolor marker is a high-quality drawing instrument that supports spontaneous sketching as well as painting in watercolors. The water-based ink is always ready and is excellently usable with water.

The colors are lightfast and can be reliably combined with other artist pencils from Faber-Castell. Two nibs – a brush nib and a fibre-tip – offer the artist flexibility. Use the brush tip for covering large areas and making broad strokes of color, and the sturdy fiber bullet nib for details such as precise lines and outlines.

Watercolor markers have similar qualities to painting with watercolors and follow the same color theory principles. Here are a few TIPS on Lightening and Darkening Colors.

The colors of the Albrecht Dürer artists’ watercolor marker can be gradually lightened. The amount of water decides the degree of lightening.

As for darkening a color, not just black or grey can be used, but also the respective complementary color.

Complementary colors are opposite each other on the color wheel. The layering of complementary colors creates broken or grey color mixtures.

Complementary colors put next to each other enhance each other’s color effect. So, for example, orange makes blue shine when placed next to it.

Albrecht Dürer artists’ watercolor markers are available in 30 individual colors.

$5.39 each