Artist Spotlight, Colleen Gianatiempo

Artist Spotlight, Colleen Gianatiempo

18th Oct 2018

Colleen Gianatiempo's work expresses a love of nature and its intricate geometric and organic forms interpreted through the abstract language of bold color, varying textures, shapes and patterns.

Colleen Gianatiempo grew up on the East coast but soon after graduating with a Business degree from the University of Massachusetts, curiosity led her West to live the California lifestyle.

In furthering her education, Colleen received a certificate in Graphic Design from Otis Parsons School of Design in Los Angeles which led her to start her own design firm creating design within the disciplines of fine art, graphic art, interior design, photography and art instruction and is still going strong after 26 years.

Passion for fine art led her to the Academy of Art in San Francisco where she received a Master of Fine Art in Painting in 2017. Her mixed media work embodies bold color, varying texture, layers of shapes and patterns. Her work has been exhibited in a multitude of solo and group shows and is in numerous public and private collections.

Gianatiempo’s art studio is in the East Bay of San Francisco where she lives and works.

Gianatiempo draws her formal influences from geometric and organic forms and expresses and interprets these elements abstractly. Her mixed media work embodies bold color, varying texture, amorphic shapes and patterns. One will always find a bit of geometry amidst layers of paint and paper. Gianatiempo describes her approach as spontaneous, allowing her artistic instincts to control the outcome of her final artworks.

“My work, expresses my love of nature and my observations of flowers and fauna. Embracing spontaneity, I coat on, layer over, sand off, erase, paint on top of, excavate, collage, spray away, remove and repeat. My work has many layers and the foundation for my art entails collaging papers from FLAX! Each piece transforms through equal parts order and chaos—come by and see the transformation!”

Stop by the FLAX Oakland store, Saturday October 27th through Sunday 28th, between 11am and 4pm to meet artist Colleen Gianatiempo. If you are inspired by how she uses decorative papers in her work, you are in luck as our Paper Palooza one dollar paper sale is in full swing. 

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