Escoda Gilder's Tip Brush

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Escoda Gilder's Tip Brush is made from 100% pure squirrel hair with a square edge for gold leaf application. This series 6633 #8 Aquario brush's tip is single thick, with a 2" hair length and cardboard holder.

Size 8 brush is 3.15" wide. (size 6 brush shown n/a)

A Gilder's Tip Brush is used to lift a delicate loose leaf from the gold leaf book and place it on the surface being painted. To use a gilder's tip, the brush must first be "charged" so that the gold leaf sticks ever so gently to the hairs. The charge is generally done by applying a small amount of chap stick or petroleum jelly to the back of your opposite hand. Drag the brush hairs across your hand and the brush is charged. Another method is static electricity—brush the tips of the hair on your own hair to charge it with static. Once charged, the brush will pick up the leaf for application.