Enkaustikos Hot Cakes Wax Paint

Enkaustikos Hot Cakes Wax Paint

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Hot Cakes are professional encaustic paint in a ready-to-use, convenient refillable metal tin.  These artist quality paints are made from saturated pigments, fine Damar Resin, and U.S. Pharmaceutical Grade Beeswax.  They contain no bleach or synthetic adulterants.

The Hot Cakes tin design makes the encaustic paints extremely easy to use.  Simply unscrew the lid, peel off the back label, and place the metal tin full of color onto a hot palette.  With the palette set between 150-175 degrees Fahrenheit, the paints will melt.   This is an ideal temperature to maintain the paint’s integrity and prevent smoking or fumes in a studio.  The paint can be re-melted numerous times without concern as long as work is done at proper temperatures.  When finished, simply allow the paint to cool and then, replace the lid.

Each tin features the paint color name, the pigment color index, and color swatch to give a good idea of the color enclosed.  The paint is solid at room temperature.  The colors have a high pigment load and are both lightfast and engineered to withstand the heated encaustic process.

Colors available in 1.5 fl. oz. (45ml) tins