Ecoline Liquid Watercolor Sets

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Ecoline Liquid Watercolors, Set of 5

Ecoline Liquid Watercolors feature highly intense, saturated dye-based color that dries within minutes, can be rewetted and are blendable. They are versatile enough for traditional brush work, spraying through an airbrush or to use with a drawing/technical pen. These sets feature a variety of colors in 30ml glass jars with an easy-to-use pipette dropper built into the jar top. The sets are beautifully packaged and make a great gift.

5 Color Primary Set includes: Lemon Yellow(205), Magenta(337), Sky Blue (578, Cyan), Green(600) and Black(700)

10 Color Mixing Set includes: Lemon Yellow(205), Light Orange(236), Vermilion(311), Magenta(337), Ultramarine Violet(507), Sky Blue (578, Cyan), Green(600), Sepia(416), Grey(704) and Black(700)

The Ecoline Liquid Watercolors use the same color palette as the Ecoline Brush Pens.

Ecoline Color Chart - 30ml jars sold individually in our San Francisco store.