Draw 500 Things from Nature

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Draw 500 Things from Nature is a sketchbook for artists, designers and doodlers. It presents 20 inspiring illustrated examples of 45 themes--tree, tulip, shell, owl, peacock feather, mushroom, cloud, and much, much more—over 900 drawings, with blank space for you to draw your take on 20 Ways to Draw a Tree, etc.

This is not a step-by-step technique book, rather the stylized flowers, trees, leaves, and clouds are simplified, modernized, and reduced to the most basic elements, showing you how simple abstract shapes and forms meld to create the building blocks of any item that you want to draw.

Each of the 20 interpretations provides a different, interesting approach to drawing a single item, providing loads of inspiration for your own drawing.

5.5" x 6.5", 208 pages. By Eloise Renouf.