Deluxe Woodcarving Set

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Deluxe Woodcarving Set

The X-acto Deluxe Wood Carving Set is the complete package for virtually any wood working project imaginable. From large, deep gouges to more precise details, this wood carving set will allow you to transfer a carving vision directly onto the material, no matter how elaborate. 

The set comes with a #5 X-Acto knife already in the easy-to-grip plastic handle, for control, precision and power through any type of wood. It also includes the following blades for a variety of applications: #24 deburring blade, #18 heavy chiseling blade, #19 angled chiseling blade, #22 curved carving blade, #26 whittling blade, #27 blade, five gouges and four routers. Featured in an attractive wooden chest for organized storage and display, this wood carving set makes a perfect gift idea.