Deluxe Hand Lettering Pencil Set

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Deluxe Hand Lettering Pencil Set

This Deluxe Hand Lettering Pencil Set is designed for lettering, modern calligraphy, card making, illustration and more. It contains a wide variety of drawing media accompanied by a step-by-step lesson booklet created by acclaimed lettering artists and calligraphers, that focuses on hand lettering techniques and working with watercolor pencils. 

Set includes 12 Kimberly Watercolor Pencils, one each of the following: Cedar Pointe Pencil, MultiPastel Pencil, Layout Pencil, Kimberly Graphite, Sketch & Wash, Charcoal White, Draughting Pencil, Carbon Sketch, Flat Sketching Pencil, Factis Eraser, and a Little Red All-Art Pencil Sharpener. Made in the USA.