Colour Shapers

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Colour Shapers are completely unique tools for painting, drawing, printmaking and sculpting. Shape and re-shape paint, create surface effects that are not possible with other painting tools, blend, mark and lift with the Colour Shaper.

Instead of ruining a brush to apply masking fluid or glue, use a Colour Shaper and there will be no need to worry about the material drying on the tip. The special silicone composite allows any dried material to simply be peeled away; even dried contact cement.

With a brush-like handle, Colour Shapers come in 5 different tip shapes and a wide range of sizes. Larger sizes allow the artist to engrave, mold and build while smaller sizes are ideal for applying detail and working with fluid and soft colors.

Tip shapes: tapered point, cup round, cup chisel, flat chisel, angle chisel

Two degrees of flexibility: soft (ivory tip) and firm (gray tip), in sizes 0-16

Colour Shapers