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Don't miss out on these and many, many more great Back-To-School Savings store wide, now through October 15th! Visit our San Francisco and Oakland store locations for expert advice when shopping for your back-to-school art supplies!

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Tombow Mono

Graphite Pencils


Art Alternatives




Kneaded Eraser


Strathmore 18"x24"

Drawing Pad




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 All Sizes


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Long & Short 

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FLAX $12.99


Handle Brushes



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Art Alternatives




Palette Knives


Williamsburg Oils

Series 1


Daniel Smith

Watercolors 5ml & 15ml



Artist Acrylics

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20% off list

All Sizes


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FLAX $7.40



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3-Ring Binders


Daniel Smith

Watercolor Sticks


Amsterdam Acrylics


W&N Liquin







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Assorted Colors


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NOW $3.99!


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Fabriano Studio

Watercolor Paper



Watercolor Paper


Saunders 300lb

Watercolor Paper


Saunders 140lb

Watercolor Paper


Classic Sketch Board

23" x 26"

Cold Press 19.5"x27"


Cold Press 22"x30"


Rough 22"x30" 100% cotton


Rough 22"x30" 100% cotton



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FLAX $12.99


sennelier-softpastelssq2.jpg             jackrichesonnewsprintpadsq.jpg             strathmorebristolsmoothsq.jpg             strathmorebristolvellumsq.jpg             cansonxlwatercolor9x12-160x160.jpg

Sennelier Pastels



Jack Richeson

Newsprint Pads

18x24, 100 sheets



Bristol Pad Smooth

11" x 14"



Bristol Pad Vellum

11" x 14"


Canson XL

Watercolor Pads


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5100 Bristle LH


16" Artist Tool Box



Van Gogh Oils


Grumbacher Academy




Studio Easel

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FLAX $189.99


Free Pina Zangaro Imprinting!

pinazangaroimprinting4.jpg pinazangaroimprinting5.jpg pinazangaroimprinting3.jpg

Make your portfolio even stronger by adding an imprint to your book, box, or case. Choose from Color Imprinting, Laser Etching, or Blind Debossing to add your name, logo or other graphic to any Pina Zangaro product. Free ($70 value) during our Back-to-School Sale at FLAX!

*Call our Presentation Department at 510-867-2324 for more details or visit