Ampersand Gessobord Painting Panels

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Gessobord is a smooth, acid free painting surface for oil and acrylic media that eliminates the time-consuming step of applying and sanding gesso. Less absorbent than Claybord, the thick acrylic gesso ground is sanded to a fine finish. This smooth surface will allow for intricate detail work and can take heavy applications while remaining hard and durable. Gessobord is perfect for layering, glazing, and impasto in oils, acrylics, alkyds and water-based oils.

Choose from a 1/8" flat panel, or mounted version in a 3/4" depth. The mounted panels are glued flush with a birch plywood support, providing extra support while giving the panel depth and dimension. Leave the wood sides exposed to help frame your work, or treat easily with wood stain, gesso or paint.

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