All About Acrylics

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All About Acrylics

All About Acrylics: A Complete Guide to Painting Using This Versatile Medium, is a complete reference work on the painting medium of acrylics. Suitable for beginners who wish to familiarize themselves with acrylic painting, and more advanced artists who are looking for new ways to express themselves. Whether traditional or more experimental painting is preferred, this book seeks to present a broad range of styles and techniques.

After an overview of paints and how they work, an exhaustive section follows on materials, which describes all the paints, mediums, grounds, brushes, and other tools that are available. Color theory is covered as well as a wide variety of techniques, and in the final section the authors present examples of how these techniques are used in portraiture, still lifes and landscape painting.

Authors: Oliver Lohr, Kristina Schaper and Ute Zander

Paperback, with 176 pages