Albrecht Durer Watercolor Pencil Set

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Albrecht Durer Watercolor Pencil Set

Albrecht Dürer Artists' Watercolor Pencils contain the highest quality pigments of unsurpassed lightfastness and brilliance, which is rated on each pencil. Thick 3.8mm break-resistant and fully water-soluble leads, can be easily blended when wet and become permanent when dry for rich watercolor effects. The pencils feature a buttery smooth color laydown and are easily blended and layered without waxy build up. The lead is housed in premium California cedar wood casing with SV bonding to strengthen lead and resist breakage, while providing sharp fine lines and excellent point retention.

This set of 36 colors includes: #101 White, #102 Cream, #104 Light Yellow Glaze, Cadmium Yellow, Dark Chrome Yellow, Cadmium Orange, Dark Cadmium Orange, Pale Geranium Lake, Deep Scarlet Red, Middle Cadmium Red, Dark Red, Magenta, Rose Carmine, Middle Purple Pink, Mauve, Dark Indigo, Helioblue-Reddish, Ultramarine, Light Ultramarine, Phthalo Blue, #153 Cobalt Turquoise, #156 Cobalt Green, #264 Dark Phthalo Green, #163 Emerald Green, #171 Light Green, #112 Leaf Green, #168 Earth Green Yellowish, #191 Pompeian Red, #190 Venetian Red, #187 Burnt Ochre, #184 Dark Naples Ochre, #180 Raw Umber, #177 Walnut Brown, #274 Warm Grey V, #271 Warm Grey II and #199 Black in a metal tin.

All 120 colors of Albrecht Dürer pencils are sold individually in our stores.