Academy Watercolor Sketchbox Set

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Academy Watercolor Sketchbox Set

This watercolor sketch box set is an excellent value for beginning or advanced painters who would like to have a compact, portable holder to carry with them in case inspiration strikes. These time-tested, high-quality Academy watercolors are vibrant and highly versatile whether mixed or used straight from the tube. With this set comes all the necessary colors and helpful tools to create a stunning piece of art.

Portable set includes: 12 .25 oz. watercolor tubes, a red sable brush, a flat wash brush, instruction booklet, palette

Colors: alizarin crimson, burnt sienna, cadmium red light hue, cadmium yellow deep hue, cadmium yellow pale, Chinese white, Payne's gray, sap green, Thalo blue, ultramarine blue, viridian, yellow ochre