Speedball Calligraphy Ink Kit

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Speedball Calligraphy Ink Kit

This Calligraphy Ink Kit offers five rich and vivid, waterproof inks for creating a stunning palette. These acrylic pigmented inks are free-flowing. They are non-toxic, acid-free, permanent, and of archival quality. Easily inter-mix the inks, use them at their full strength or dilute them for more subtle tones. Speedball calligraphy inks are made for drawing, calligraphy/lettering, painting, stamping, and even airbrushing. Made in the U.S.A.

Each of the 5 colors comes in a .4 fl. oz. glass jar and the set includes a palette with mixing wells and a .4 fl. oz. jar of pen cleaner. Colors include black, gold, silver, and white.