Soft Body Acrylics 2oz.

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Liquitex Soft Body Acrylics 2oz.

Soft Body Artist Acrylic Paint was the original Liquitex acrylic formulation first made in 1955. As the first to develop commercially available water-based fluid acrylic colors, Liquitex continues to innovate and lead the way in creating wider ranges of acrylic paints.

Soft Body is an extremely versatile artist acrylic paint with a creamy and smooth consistency. Its concentrated pigment load produces intense, pure color. The smooth, pre-filtered consistency ensures good coverage, even-leveling and striking results in a variety of applications and techniques. Soft Body paint is ideal for flat, large area coverage as well as fine line detailing where its fluidity allows for little to no visible brush marks.

Use Liquitex Soft Body Acrylic for such projects involving: glazing, underpainting, faux finishing, fabric painting, calligraphy, photo retouching, printmaking, collage, airbrushing (thinned with medium), painting unfired ceramics, creating watercolor effects, and more.

Over 100 colors available in 2 oz. durable plastic tubes

Select colors also available in 8 oz. jars and Titanium White and Mars Black available in 32 oz.