Patina and Rust Finishes

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Modern Options Patina Finishes, Patina Blue

Create a beautiful, true antique patina or rust finish in just hours, on virtually any paintable surface. Patina and Rust Finishes amazingly oxidize reactive Metallic Surfacers or genuine copper, brass, bronze and iron. They are perfect for a wide variety of interior design, set design, craft and art projects.

In just hours, the unique blend of mild salts and oxidizing agents in a water-based mix, creates a beautiful patina finish that can that can take years to form naturally. These solutions are easy to apply with brushes, rags, sponges, rollers or sprayers to achieve desired look.  They can be used indoors or outdoors and are water-based for easy clean-up.

For objects coming in contact with skin and clothing, use a sealer such as Sophisticated Finishes Primo Primer & Sealer to prevent flaking.

Instant Rust, Patina Blue and Patina Green available in 4 oz., 8 oz., and 16 oz. bottles