Do It Yourself with Papers by the Piece

by Estela Fuentes on September 5, 2011

“This is a stationery store within an art store, there’s nothing like it.”, says Casey Jones, the department manager. “We carry a larger paper selection than most stationery stores; including Rossler, Envelopments, Fabriano, Green Paper Company’s recycled papers, and a few others.”

Choose from hundreds of papers to find the perfect color, size and texture for a variety of projects — from making invitations to decorations, creating product packaging or as backdrops in scrapbooks and portfolios.

When it comes to invitations, Envelopments papers are the most popular with over 150 papers in a variety of colors, prints, and styles. If you are looking to create a unique announcement for a special occasion, but don’t know where to begin, the staff at the stationery counter is ready to assist you.

“Usually the Envelopments rack is a nice place to start.” Casey said. “It is great because they offer a variety of price points and cardstocks, so there’s something for everyone.”

Envelopments offers four announcement options — pocket folds, envelofolds, z-cards and their newest item, the twist card.

Pocket Folds — Available in six different sizes. These are wonderful for putting together invitations with multiple pages.

Envelofolds — These unique four-fold enclosures come in square or rectangular shapes.

Z Cards — Fold inward or outward in an accordion fashion, available landscape or portrait and can be used horizontally or vertically.

Envelopments Twist Card

New from Envelopments, the Twist Card

Twist Cards — Gives you flexibility to expand your creative options. It is a two panel card, which allows you to create two different looks in one card!

Come see the Envelopments design book, full of different ideas, or what they call “recipes”. You’ll find plenty of inspiration, as well as step-by-step instructions for each of the listed designs.  Other options from Envelopments to create distinctive invitations include a variety of envelope liners, allowing you to mix and match colors and prints; eight different styles of favor boxes to choose from in any of their colors and prints; and custom cut stock and envelopes from their unique paper styles.

“The amount of creative possibilities is amazing.” Lani, who works in the department said. “They’re very unique.”