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Fun For All With Shrinky Dinks

by Estela Fuentes on June 30, 2011
shrinky dinks2

When you let your imagination run wild the possibilities are endless; all you need is an outlet. Working with Shrinky Dinks is easy and fun for children and adults.

Shrinky Dinks are an amazing way to get the creative juices running, whether you want to work digitally or hands on. The plastic sheet’s potential is remarkable, one can make jewelery, key chains, ornaments and much more…

Hospitality House Exhibit

by Flax on June 28, 2011

‘Homage to the Square’ is aimed at strengthening the sense of collective and collaboration among artists at the CAP. Artists are asked to create work within specific restrictions, in this case an 18” square canvas, and create a unique and individual work…

Live Art with Carolyn Quan

by Flax on June 27, 2011
The Beauty of the Beast

Carolyn creates fine art photo collages that are a unique combination of her own original 35 mm photographs that are creatively and artistically blended together and transformed into imaginative works of fine art. Her art is inspired by spirituality and the beauty that she finds in nature and humankind…

Marin Easel

by Flax on June 16, 2011
Marin Easel

Modeled after its European cousins, the Marin easel brings utility and sophistication to your studio. This easel has become one of our favorites based on its great value and utility. Made of durable elm wood, it adjusts for use standing or sitting and has a wide bottom canvas holder with a built-in storage tray and…

Golden “Open” Acrylics Workshop

by Flax on June 16, 2011
open, nina

Nina Deckert, Golden Artist’s Colors representative, will introduce Golden’s new OPEN acrylic, an entirely new kind of acrylic, built with a different polymer emulsion that is very slow drying. OPEN is ideal for plein air painting, not just for its relaxed working properties but also for easy palette care…

Cavallini Rubber Stamp Sets

by Flax on June 7, 2011
Alphabet Stamp Set

These wood stamp sets have lovely vintage inspired images. Choose from old letter type to classic botanical illustrations. Each set includes a variety of wooden rubber stamps and a black ink pad, and comes in a reusable storage tin. The beautiful package makes a great gift…

Cavallini Journals

by Flax on June 7, 2011
4x6, San Francisco

Featuring vintage cover images, these soft-bound journals from Cavallini are the ideal place to record your thoughts, notes, and ideas. Ideally sized to be the perfect travel companion…

Cavallini Decorative Papers and Wrap

by Flax on June 5, 2011

Cavallini papers are captivating. The beautiful images, from 19th century butterfly prints to historic prints of maps and antique postcards, evoke plenty of emotion. Designed by our neighbors and long-time friends at Cavallini & Co., use them for gift wrap or decorative paper for craft projects…

A Multi-Media Ink, Noodler’s is a Favorite

by Leslie Flax on June 5, 2011
Noodler's Ink

I’ve been using fountain pens for over 30 years and love the way they feel in my hand; the flow of ink to paper when I express myself, the routine of filling and cleaning the pen. I’ve added to my collection over time, with calligraphy pens, sketch pens, gold nibbed and bottle and cartridge filled. Like a love affair…

The Headlands, another found local treasure

by Howard Flax on June 2, 2011
Bull.Miletic - ICU, 2010, Inkjet print on perforated paper, 8.5x11

I was only vaguely familiar with the organization Headlands Center of the Arts, until last night when I was fortunate to attend their annual benefit art auction. The event blew me away with an awe inspiring collection for sale that ringed a very large room, the Herbst Exhibition Hall in the Presidio. There were 85 pieces of art in every medium imaginable, each donated by the artist…